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The Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council (ODDC) was established by executive order of the state’s governor in 1973, and reauthorized by each governor since; and federally authorized by the DD Act of 2000. The Council promotes quality services and programs that enable persons with developmental disabilities to realize increased independence, productivity, and integration and inclusion in the community. Though not a provider of direct services, the Council has assisted thousands of Oklahomans to live, work, play, learn and worship in their own homes and in their own neighborhoods.

ODDC State Plan 2017-2022 - Revised Draft

ODDC is currently developing our new 5-year State Plan for 2017-2022 with the goals, objectives and activities we plan to achieve during this time period. We cannot write a meaningful State Plan for Oklahoma without your participation. We would greatly appreciate if you had a few minutes to send us your feedback on the goals, objectives and activities at staff@okddc.ok.gov. Last call: send us your feedback by August 5, 2016. Thank you!

ODDC State Plan 2017-2022 - Revised Draft

Owing to the budget crisis in Oklahoma state government, the Council must very regretfully announce that applications to the Consumer Involvement Fund and Professional Development Fund cannot be accepted until further notice. We apologize for this, and look forward to reinstating these funds as soon as possible. For more information, or to suggest ideas on how we might otherwise support your personal or professional development, please contact us via email: staff@okddc.ok.gov

What are Developmental Disabilities?

Developmental Disabilities are severe disabilities, originating any time from birth through age 21, that are expected to last a lifetime. Developmental disabilities may be cognitive, physical, or a combination of both. While not always visible, these disabilities can result in serious limitations in everyday activities of life, including self-care, communication, learning, mobility, or being able to work or live independently. Such disabilities may require a combination of specialized, interdisciplinary, or generic services, and assistance for an extended duration.




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