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Advocacy, Training, and Outreach Committee

The Advocacy, Training and Outreach Committee (ATO) oversees implementation and evaluation of Council training activities. The Committee coordinates the public policy advocacy activities and oversees ODDC outreach work, such as brochures and the website.

Advocacy, Training, and Outreach (ATO) Committee Schedule

February 17
10:00 am
ODDC Office
May 19
10:00 am
ODDC Office
August 25
10:00 am
ODDC Office
November 17
10:00 am
ODDC Office

Meeting Agendas

Download the Advocacy, Training, and Outreach Agenda.

Will you be attending our next ATO Committee meeting?

The online RSVP will be created soon. 

Council Members, if you are in need of transportation assistance, please contact Angela Hornsby, Public Education Coordinator, at (405) 521-4984. 

All meetings of the Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council are held in accordance to the Open Meetings Act

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