Advocate for Change

Advocate for Change

You have the power to change how decision makers support people with mental health conditions. Your personal story can change hearts and the minds of policymakers. NAMI's advocates have helped pass federal parity laws and mental health reform, expanded coverage through the Affordable Care Act, and fought back attempts to end patient protections.

"Your engagement powers our impact with policymakers."

To join and take action, you can:

1. Take action - by signing up for alerts, contact your policymakers, and share your story.

2. Federal Bills NAMI Supports - on mental health research to health care to criminal justice.

3. And Vote4MentalHealth - Mental health is on every ballot at every election, take the pledge to vote for mental health. 

To learn more on how you can 'advocate for change' with NAMI, visit https://www.nami.org/Advocacy/Advocate-for-Change

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