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Instructions for Application to the Consumer Involvement Fund

The Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council is an agency of the state of Oklahoma and therefore complies with travel policies and procedures established in law. The procedures below comply with law at the time this Web site was posted; however, the Council may necessarily change the procedures to comply with changes in state law. As an applicant, the Council assumes that you have read the following and agree to comply with all travel policies of the state of Oklahoma.

Complete applications to the Consumer Involvement Fund MUST be submitted no later than 10 weeks prior to dates of travel. Requests may be submitted by mail, hand-delivery, email or fax to the Council office. Incomplete applications will be returned with requests for additional information, and will be reconsidered only if the resubmitted paperwork is complete and still meets the 10 week timeline. Please plan accordingly and assure that all information necessary is included in your request.

The Council will fund no more than one request per individual or family every two years.

Requests must include:

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For approved applicants, the Council will fund partial costs of all necessary expenses related to attending a conference or meeting. The Council requires that persons wishing attend an event with Council support to provide a minimum of 25 percent of costs from personal or third party funds, such as funds from other state agencies, private foundations, public and private service agencies, an employer, family, or community of faith. Funds used for any category other than the above will not count toward the 25 percent personal investment.

The maximum request of the Council must not exceed $1000 for individuals, or $2000 per family. For a family to receive full funding, there must be a relevant reason for attendance such as a conference track on siblings, or a clinical or experiential opportunity with an expert in the field.


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