Best Diets for Mental Health

Best Diets for Mental Health

Researchers have increasingly been studying on the effects of diet and nutrition on mental health. Many have noticed that with a diet of highly processed food and added sugars have a higher risk for developing anxiety and depression. 

They have concluded some factors that affect adults in the long run like:

  • aging
  • stress
  • high fat diets
  • high sugar diets
  • alcohol
  • opioids

There is no specific diet that is best for mental health, but some eating patterns appear to be better than others like the Mediterranean diet, low calories diet, intermittent fasting and polyphenols. 

1. Mediterranean diet have links to lower depression. Its includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, potatoes, cereals, beans, nuts and seeds, olive oil, eggs, read meat, and more. 

2. Low calories diet has been studied to decrease depression as well. This diet includes “a reduction in energy intake well below the amount of calories that would be consumed ad libitum.” 

3. Intermittent fasting can improve mood and mental well-being. Clinics saw improvements in peoples sense of well-being, alertness, tranquility, and in some cases euphoria. In a controlled group study, participants had significant decreases in anger, tension, confusion, and mood disturbances. 

4. Polyphenols has show researcher a prevention of depression and the improvement of depressive symptoms. This diet included coffee, tea, citrus, nuts, soy, grapes, and certain spices. 

To learn more about these diets, how it will improve your mental health, and food to avoid, visit https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/327335#foods-or-diets-to-avoid

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