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Requirements, Policies, and Procedures

  1. The Council requires travelers to arrange and pay for expenses related to transportation to/from conferences. This includes private car mileage, as well as public transportation, such as airplanes, buses, or trains. The Council will not reimburse transportation expenses.  All other expenses must be paid up-front by the traveler and will be reimbursed upon return from the conference, based on submitted receipts.  

  2. The traveler will make hotel reservations, if needed. If there is a designated hotel for a conference, the traveler must stay in that hotel. If the designated hotel is not available, the traveler should call Council staff to arrange an acceptable substitution. To comply with state policy, the Council must have confirmation from the conference sponsors that this is an acceptable substitution or we will not be able to reimburse. If there is no designated hotel, please call the Council office as there are certain rules regarding how much the state will reimburse overnight accommodations.

  3. Per diem costs are calculated on an hourly basis and calculated on a city-by-city basis, so please ask the Council staff to help. Deductions in per diem allowance will be made for conference-sponsored meals (except continental breakfast) whether or not they are eaten. If the meals provided at the conference are an additional fee, the traveler should let the Council know whether or not he/she will be participating in that meal. With regard to per diem, travel time starts when the traveler leaves home and ends when he/she returns home, with a few exceptions based on illness or weather emergencies. Be prepared to provide this information to Council staff with your reimbursement forms.

  4. There are travel policies associated with staying overnight with family or friends in the area during a conference or meeting. If the traveler does stay with a friend instead of staying in a hotel, he/she may be eligible for a higher per diem rate.

  5. The Council will generally sponsor no more than two individuals to attend any single conference, unless the Council is a listed sponsor of the conference.  All requests to the Council will be dated upon receipt in the Council office. Requests will be considered in the order received. In the event that a large number of individuals apply for assistance from the Council for a single conference, the Council may choose to fund a single amount and request that all applicants work together to find a way to support the entire delegation. For example, it might be possible for more individuals to attend a conference if roommates are chosen for double-occupancy hotel rooms.

  6. Upon return, Council staff will send the traveler reimbursement paperwork for completion. The traveler will need to be prepared to record the time left and returned home (including dates), and provide receipts for parking, tolls, respite/attendant care, and overnight accommodations. The hotel receipt must show a zero balance. The receipt hotels put under a guest’s door on the day of checkout are generally NOT zero-balance receipts; most   travelers will have to check out with the front desk to get this receipt. Be aware that personal charges on hotel bills for room service, phone calls, movies, etc. are not reimbursable expenses. The Council will also need a receipt of the conference reregistration. Meal receipts are not necessary as per diem is limited by hours traveled.

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