Partners in Policymaking

Partners in Policymaking is a national, innovative leadership training program that teaches adults with disabilities and parents of young children with disabilities to become community leaders. The Partners curriculum provides information and resources to assist self-advocates and parents to obtain the best services for themselves and others.

The program is designed to give individuals the necessary skills to effectively work with legislators, state agency personnel, and other policymakers whose decisions and actions have an impact on the lives of people with disabilities.

Partners promotes partnerships between people who use services and people who set policies related to those services.

Partners in Policymaking training includes eight two-day sessions between September and May. Sessions begin Saturday at 9 a.m. and conclude Sunday at 3 p.m. Training is at NO COST to participants. All related expenses (travel, respite or attendant care, hotel and meals) will be paid by Partners in Policymaking or reimbursed. For more information, contact the Council.

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