Disability Fitness for Kids & Adults

Disability Fitness for Kids & Adults

Today's #WorkoutWednesday is focusing on disability fitness. Kids and adults are able to do this training provided by Ivana Exercise. This video was designed for people with I/DD and limited mobility. 

Here a few exercises this ten minutes fitness training involves:

1. Head stretch - Move your head side to side to stretch your neck.

2. Reach the stars - Reach your arms out then up.

3. Shoulder shrug - With your arms by your side, shrug your shoulders forward then backwards. 

4. Arm circles - Reach your arms out then rotate them in circles.

5. Shoulder stretch - Reach your arm across to your other shoulder, place the opposite hand on your arm, then push towards your chest.

6. Wrist circles - Reach both arms out and rotate just your wrists in circular motions. 

7. Touch your toes - Reach down to touch your toes, stand back up for a few seconds, then repeat.

8. Leg stretch - Stick out one leg on the heal of your foot, reach down, and touch that foot.

9. Fly like a bird - Bend your knees while moving your arms up and down. For a modification, just move your arms up an down.

10. Bowling - Lunge forward while moving your arm in a 'bowling' motion. For a modification, do a 'bowling motion' without the lunge.

To watch the full exercise video, click here.

Enjoy moving today!

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