Disability & Living a Healthy Life

Disability & Living a Healthy Life

People with disabilities need health care programs and ways to stay healthy just like anyone else - to stay well, active, and be a part of the community says The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Being healthy means the same for everyone - to live full, healthy lives. 

The CDC shares some tips and resources on how to live a healthy life like resources on smoking, alcohol, nutrition, activity, and more. 

The CDC also shares tips on how to get the best possible health care.

  • Know your body, how you feel when you are well and when you’re not.
  • Talk openly with your health care professional about your concerns.
  • Find health care professionals that you are comfortable with in your area.
  • Think about your questions and health concerns before you visit your health care professional so that you’re prepared.
  • Get it in writing. Write down, or have someone write down for you, what is said by the health care professional.

To read more on 'Disability and Health Healthy Living' by the CDC, click here.

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