Disability or Diversability?

"The word "disabilities" is associated with the past and people's negative experiences with institutions. I am looking to change the word to "diversabilities" because these institutions are now closed and I want to focus instead on the abilities of people now and in the future. People with diversabilities do not want to be a burden to society, but instead want to be contributors and participants in society." - Shelley Decoste

Shelley Decoste is a well-known leader in the Self Advocacy Movement leading a campaign to change the word "disability" to "diversability." She started the DIVERSABILITY campaign in 2012 and now has followers across BC. Shelley says, "If you break down the word DISabled, you get not able. If you break down DIVERSABILITY, you get different, but able. To create a better understanding we can begin with something as simple as changing our language." She has begun work as an inspirational speaker, presenting at various committee meetings, conferences and gatherings on "Diversability" across the Canadian Province of British Columbia. 

You can learn more at: www.diversability.ca and https://www.disabled-world.com/definitions/diversability.php

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