Dr. Phil’s Strategy on Grocery Shopping

Dr. Phil’s Strategy on Grocery Shopping

We are hopefully coming near the end of this pandemic but we still need To make sure we are taking care of germs - especially when we go to the grocery store! Here are some tips from Dr. Phil on strategizing your grocery runs.

First, if you can afford to, buy 2 weeks of groceries at a time to limit your time in the store.

Second, we also need to quarantine our groceries and take-out!  If you can leave shelf-stable groceries in your garage or elsewhere for a couple of days – DO IT.  Any lingering Covid particles that MAY be on your grocery bag or groceries will “die” in 24-48 hours.  For items that are not shelf-stable (items that require a refrigerator or freezer), wipe them down with a cleaning wipe if you can before putting them in the refrigerator – or grab some Tupperware, remove original packaging and put food in your own containers, and THEN refrigerate or freeze.

Third, If you get take-out or delivery, remove the original packaging and throw it away.  Do not store left overs in the containers food came in.  If possible, microwave the meal as it is thought this will kill any Covid particles that may be in your food.

 And fourth, always wash your hands when you return from being out of your home.

 Here’s a great video on “quarantining” your food: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKx-F4AKteE

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