Exercising While Wearing a Mask

Exercising While Wearing a Mask

Wearing a mask while working out can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 but, according to scientists who have started research on exercising while wearing a mask, it can also have an effect on your breathing while being active. 

We all know that CDC is recommending we where masks including gyms and crowded areas. These recommendations become pressing when studies have shown our breathing rates double when exercising, sending out a higher number of respiratory droplets. 

Scientists have discovered that wearing a mask while exercising can alter your breathing in the worst way. But, there are ways you can wear your mask to prevent discomfort but also remain safe to yourself and others. 

1. Avoid paper, surgical masks while exercising 

2. Avoid cotton cloth masks while exercising 

3. Choose masks that have two layers of fabric or less

4. Carry extras preferred masks with you

Some athletic clothing companies, including Under Armour, Koral, Zensah and others have begun to make masks for use during exercise. But as we wait for those masks and use what we have, wearing a mask shows being a good citizen and showing your care about the wellbeing of others.

To learn more about wearing a mask while exercising, visit The Morning Call article.

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