Federals Give $131 Million to Disability Housing

Federals Give $131 Million to Disability Housing

Federal officials say millions of dollars are being unleashed to communities across the country to provide affordable housing to people with disabilities. 

According to Disability Scoop, The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development said they are releasing $131.3 million to 325 local public housing authorities in almost every state. This funding is a part of the federal agency's Mainstream Housing Choice Voucher Program, which sends money to housing agencies nationally to assist people with disabilities. This will also help individuals with disabilities' aid, risk of institutionalization, and homelessness or risk of homelessness.

This money is expected to help about 15,000 plus individuals with disabilities. Therefore, housing agencies are being encouraged to partner with health and human services to coordinate assistant so the disability community can live independently. 

To read more in detail, you can visit https://www.disabilityscoop.com/2019/12/02/feds-unleash-130-million-for-disability-housing/27503/

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