How to Demonstrate Thoughtfulness During a Pandemic

How to Demonstrate Thoughtfulness During a Pandemic

These are daunting and unusual times the world is facing right now. There are many emotions each of us are going through to survive the day. Although this pandemic has been an easy ride for some, most have been experiencing darkness, loneliness, and uncertainty.

The University of The People have written an article on how to demonstrate thoughtfulness during a pandemic. Before they lead us into those examples, they reminded us of some positive facts. 

  1. "Scientists, researchers, and doctors are working on a cure and vaccine.
  2. The majority of people are recovering from COVID-19.
  3. Every person who stays at home and practices social distancing is playing a major part in slowing the spread of disease.
  4. Creatives, artists, and businesses are connecting in new ways to people around the world.
  5. People are coming together to help their communities and those on the frontline."

Everyone is experiencing different circumstances. Regardless, we can all show some way of positivity to our neighbors, community, friends, family, and workers. The University of The People share some examples.

  • "Listen to others and allow people close to you to voice their concerns.
  • Take time to care for yourself and disconnect from the news.
  • Be thoughtful and consider the validity of information you hear before sharing it.
  • Be kind and empathetic to those in need.
  • Ask for help when you need it.
  • Take it easy — this is new for everyone and no one really has all the answers so practice self-compassion."

To read more on this article written by The University of The People, click here.

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