How to Get Our Eating Habits Back to Normal

How to Get Our Eating Habits Back to Normal

The New York Times tells us how to get our eating habits back to normal since "eating is weird now."

For months, our nation has been battling with being normal throughout this pandemic while also staying safe and following guidelines. It has been an anxious time for all of us. For those of us staying home, stress eating and reaching for unhealthy items in our house have become of habit.

Dr. Zhaoping Li, director of the Center of Human Nutrition, and chief of the division of clinical nutrition at the University of California, Los Angeles says to, “use this window of opportunity to figure out what is good for our bodies, what can we do for our bodies, and then hopefully you have a plan when everything restarts again. The best, most reliable way to stay healthy facing this challenge is good health.”

Learning to be mindful of our eating habits can hopefully bring parts of us back to normal. Tim Herrera from The New York Times has listed actions we can take to help us come out of quarantine with better eating habits. 

1. Make an appointment with your food - try to have meals and snacks around the same time everyday.

2. If you are cooking less, try to being it back - plan out more healthy meals or even try to meal plan. Cooking or sharing a meals with someone in your household can also help.

3. Mind your mindless snacking - try to have self control when it comes to snacking and don't buy processed foods. 

To read more on the 3 points to healthier eating habits by Tim Herrera click here

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