Independent Cooking with Adapted Tools

Independent Cooking with Adapted Tools

For #FoodFriday, Bob Lujano is going to show you how he uses his adaptive tools to cook his every day meals.

In this video, Bob is making a soup and salad. Bob starts off my making his salad using a cutting board. The cutting board has suction cups at the bottom so it does not move and two spikes at the top to help hold your food in place while cutting. He prepares his salad by cutting an apple, lettuce, tomato, and cucumber using his adaptive cutting board and knives.

Next, Bob prepares soup. He uses a basic can opener to pop the lid open. He puts the soup in a pot on the stove. Bob explains the adaptive mirror above his stove helps him to see in the pot as the item is cooking. As he is eating his soup, he explains more adaptive features like spoons and forks. 

To see the full video, click here.

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