Is Your Fitness Center ADA Compliant?

Is Your Fitness Center ADA Compliant?

While we often think of the ADA within the context of workplaces, it also sets standards for public accommodations. Gyms, health clubs, and other fitness centers need to be held accountable to ADA rules and regulations. One glance at the ADA website reveals news of settlement agreements reached between the U.S. government and a variety of entities, including healthcare facilities. 

Aaron Eisberg says, “Prioritizing compliance may not seem like it’s mission critical now, but the reality is that adhering to these rules should not be viewed as an obstacle, but instead as an opportunity to safeguard your fitness business against future liability.”

Many ADA requirements apply to all public places, including gyms. This includes anything from meeting the required number of handicaps spaces to an accessible bathroom, sink, and shower. 

But health clubs must also meet industry-specific, fitness center ADA requirements. Says FitandLegal.com, “A fundamental requirement for gyms and fitness centers is to remove existing barriers which may limit the accessibility of individuals with disabilities. The ADA states that exercise and gym equipment must have an accessible route by which someone in a wheelchair, for example, could still use the equipment. Regulations specify that an ‘accessible route’ is considered to be a clear space at a minimum of 30” wide by 48” long, where a person with a physical disability could be positioned so that they may transfer to the equipment.”

When doing facility updates and equipment upgrades, stick with changes that are ADA-certified compliant. This ADA Checklist for Existing Facilities can help you aim at becoming compliant.

To see more on this article regarding ADA compliance at your Fitness Center, visit Accuro Fit Blog.

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