Kid and Adult DIY Obstacle Courses

Kid and Adult DIY Obstacle Courses

It’s #WorkoutWednesday and we want to share with you 2 videos - 1 for kids and 1 for adults -  for some DIY (Do It Yourself) obstacle courses you can use to exercise!  

The steps for building an obstacle course indoor or outdoor is remembering your basic exercises. For example: running, hopping, balancing, skipping, high knees, and pushups. Think about different exercises you want to do in today’s obstacle course and be creative on what you can use around your home to create it!

Here are 2 examples for different age groups for your DIY obstacle course!

For kids - https://youtu.be/KS0v8uyR8CU

For adults - https://youtu.be/bw2nZg7ebGA

You can use modifications for any DIY obstacles. Be creative on what fits best for your body!

Have fun!

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