Missing Broadway or Plays?

Missing Broadway or Plays?

Vogue helps you find a way to fill that void of missing out on your favorite Broadway shows and plays! They said, "There are no chorus lines just now. No encores, no curtain calls, no fervent monologues to bring an audience to its feet. Unless that audience is you, on your sofa, and you need more crackers. With Broadway marquees dark and off-Broadway and regional theaters shuttered too, a theater fix doesn’t come as easy as it once did. Still, there are online options, and even the priciest ones are cheaper than a balcony seat."

"Movie musicals have long been available, of course, as are shaky phone recordings on YouTube. But if you want the kick of a live performance without the queasiness of a handheld shot, plenty of streaming services and theaters have partnered to bring past performances to your nearest screen. Other theaters, like Berkeley Rep, are planning to bring recent shows online."

Visit https://www.vogue.com/article/broadway-shows-streamed-at-home/amp to see more about how you can watch your favorite shows and plays during quarantine!

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