NACDD's Fact Sheet on Surviving Sexual Harassment

NACDD's Fact Sheet on Surviving Sexual Harassment

The Survivor Justice Is Disability Justice fact sheet is a tool to educate and impact people with disabilities who are survivors of and to prevent sexual harassment. While this fact sheet informs that people with disabilities are far more likely to be survivors of sexual assault than accused of harassment or assault, educators and others are failing to meet their needs.

This fact sheet is a product of months of work with the National Women's Law Center, experts on Title IX, and the creator of "Time's Up" legal defense fund that combats sexual harassment in the workplace. In addition to contributing to the fact sheet, NACDD is excited about the partnership with NWLC to explore different opportunities.  

Click the links below to view more information on this topic.

Link to screen reader accessible web version: https://nwlc.org/resources/survivor-justice-is-disability-justice/

Link to plain text on the website here:  https://nacdd.org/survivor-justice-is-disability-justice/

Link to PDF fact sheet: Fact Sheet on Sexual Harassment 

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