NASCAR Driver with Autism

NASCAR Driver with Autism

20-year-old, Armani Williams, is the first NASCAR driver to openly having autism. On August 11th, 2020, he celebrated his first top 10 finish at his home track at Michigan International Speedway going 190 to 200 mph.

Williams says, “The adrenaline rush kicks in. You just hope the car can hold up through the entry and through the center,” Williams said. “It just kind of came to me, as soon as I got some practice laps in. Running at those speeds was definitely a lot of fun.”

Williams was sponsored by Centria Autism of Farmington which is a national leading provider of applied behavior analysis therapy for children with autism. 

“Just because you have autism doesn’t mean you can’t do amazing things in this world. Just as long as you put in the hard work, just as long as you have the right support system and you believe in yourself in what you want to do in life and be successful at, many things will be possible,” Williams said. ”

This article was published by Disability Scoop

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