Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

Leading a healthy lifestyle involves good nutrition. Combined with physical activity, you can help your body be on a better journey to healthy living. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, "even for people with healthy weight, a poor diet can health risks and illnesses." 

Start making better healthy food habits with these 10 basic nutrition facts from Disability World.

1.  Adding sugar is a disaster

2. Unprocessed food is healthiest

3. There is no perfect diet for everyone

4. Refined carbohydrates are bad for you

5. Eating vegetables will improve your health

6. It is critical to avoid Vitamin D deficiency

7. Supplements can never fully replace real foods

8. "Diets" sometimes do not work, a lifestyle change is necessary

9. Omega-3 Fats are crucial and most people don't get enough

10. Artificial trans fats are very unhealthy and should be avoided

Disclaimer: These facts are not in place of your Doctors advice. If you have further questions about your health, please consult with your Doctor.

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