Outdoor Activity Games to Make with Your Family

Outdoor Activity Games to Make with Your Family

In the summer, the days are longer and warmer and that is the time to be outside doing fun activities with your family and friends. 

You can modify these games for small and larger yards.

1. Backyard Miniture Golf: “Create a 9-hole course across the terrain of your yard adding fun challenges throughout by incorporating the natural elements of your landscape.”

2. Table Checkers: “A vintage printed tablecloth can provide the perfect back drop then gathering up buttons in two different colors and you are ready to play.”

3. Soda Crate Ring Toss: “Arrange old-school glass bottles in a divided soda crate and rack up points by tossing plastic or rope rings around the bottle necks.”

4. Custom Cornhole: “Look to an heirloom quilt for the design of your new backyard cornhole game. After your painted design dries, scuff lightly with sandpaper to create a distressed look.”

5. Lawn Tic-Tac-Toe: “Take everyone's favorite notebook game to the next level with a giant yard version. To make, simply crisscross pieces of thick rope to create your grid and then divvy up cutouts of Xs and Os.”

6. Lawn Bowling: “To play, find any 10 items to knock down with a ball or two.”

7. Hook and Ring Game: ”The object of this game is to secure the ring around the hook. It might seem simple, but it's definitely harder than it looks.” 

8. Bran Bag Bowl Toss: “This blogger notes she encouraged her kids to add up their own scores as a little math lesson. Get the tutorial at One More Moore.”

9. Football Toss: “The kids can practice their perfect aim and get ready for fall football season with this throwing game.” 

10. Giant Lawn Matching Game: “You can customize these durable squares with whichever pictures or patterns you desire.”

To see 28 more games you can do for outdoor activities with your family, visit countryliving.com

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