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Person Centered Training: Trajectory to a Good Life

Person Centered Training: Trajectory to a Good Life

Sat, April 21, 201810:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Person Centered Thinking Training

Trajectory to A Good Life

Individuals and families can focus on a specific life stage, with an awareness of how prior, current and future life stages and experiences impact and influence life trajectory.  It is important to have a vision for a good, quality life, and have opportunities, experiences and support to move the life trajectory in a positive direction.

What happens to us early in our lives can have a significant impact on our quality of life and well-being in the future. It is important to help people have positive, healthy experiences, adequate support, and ample opportunities to learn and make mistakes so that they can have better outcomes later in life.  

This presentation will touch on finding a vision for a good life for all people, by using the “Trajectory to a Good Life” tool. 

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