Safe Voting

Safe Voting

As the Coronavirus situation unfolds, there are so many changes being made daily. Oklahoma will hold an election on June 30th that includes a question on expanding Medicaid. If you are at higher risk of getting sick from COVID-19 because of your age, disability, or underlying health conditions, you may decide to request an absentee ballot. Any Oklahoma voter can request an absentee ballot.  Read your ballot carefully to see what you will need to do to validate your signature when you submit your vote. To request an absentee ballot online, or for guidelines to stay safe if voting in person, visit vote.org

If you are visiting your polls in person and would like more information on safety guidelines, visit the CDC's recommendations on protecting yourself and your family

Oklahoma specific for election information during COVID-19:

Contact DDCO
2401 NW 23rd St, Ste. 74
Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Fax: 405-521-4910
Email: staff@okddc.ok.gov

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