Social Distance Dance Off

Social Distance Dance Off

6-year-old, Kira Neely, has a dance off with her grandfather while staying 6 feet apart. Though hugs are off the table during COVID-19, Kira finds a way to hang out with her “Papa” by having a heartwarming dance-off. 

Mom, Sherrie Neely, says her and Kira live across from her parents in Nashville. Kira is used to spending a lot of time with her grandparents. Kira wanted to find another way to spend time with her “Papa” while also staying safe.

In a video one of their dance-offs, Kira leads by grooving to the song “ABC” by the Jackson Five. Kira passes things on to her grandpa who dances with twirls leaving Kira giggling. 

Who are you going to have a social distance dance-off with?!

Click here for the video and full article by People Magazine. 

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