SSI Benefits & STABLE

SSI Benefits & STABLE

This week we are sharing about STABLE accounts to support the financial well-being of people with developmental disabilities. 

 If you or a family member is a recipient of SSI (Supplemental Security Income), you know that the benefits from this program require an individual to maintain financial resources or assets (such as money or property) of less than $2000. 

 SSI benefits are important because they allow a person who receives these cash payments to access health care through Medicaid. 

 STABLE accounts support long-term financial planning and goal setting. These accounts are NOT considered assets and therefore allow a person to protect their disability-related benefits. 

 How would an ABLE account support YOU or someone you love with a developmental disability?

 Each day this week we will introduce you to a new page on the OK-STABLE website, www.okstable.org – this website will always contain trusted and up-to-date information on Oklahoma’s ABLE program, OK-STABLE.

 Overview of program: https://okstable.org/stable-account/

Resources page: https://okstable.org/all-forms/

Fact sheet in English: https://okstable.org/files/Documents/Oklahoma-Fact-Sheet.pdf

Fact sheet in Spanish: https://okstable.org/files/Documents/Spanish/Oklahoma-Fact-Sheet-Sp.pdf

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