STABLE Your Quality of Life

STABLE Your Quality of Life

STABLE accounts can pay for a variety of expenses related to maintaining the health, independence, and quality of life for people with developmental disabilities. Below, are examples of expenses that can be considered “Qualified Disability Expenses,” or QEDs.  QEDs must relate to the disability and are to help maintain or improve health, independence, or quality of life.

  •  Assistive Technology
  • Financial Management Services
  • Medical/Health Care/Wellness Expenses
  • Housing
  • Basic Living Expenses
  • Transportation
  • Legal Fees
  • Education and Training
  • Leisure activities and camps

 So why do we highlight this on #TurntUpTuesday? QUALITY OF LIFE!  Just as individuals and families save for a vacation – a STABLE account allows an individual to save for experiences they wish to pursue. REMEMBER – this is a savings account. The funds deposited into these accounts are NOT government benefits.  They are wages from a job or monetary gifts from a friend or family member. 

 A STABLE account isn’t meant to be just for fun – like every person with a savings account, money is also saved for basic needs. If your refrigerator breaks, the money to replace it should be in your savings account. Do you want to take driving lessons or modify your car? STABLE accounts can pay for that too.

Everyone deserves to live a great and enviable life. ABLE Accounts are an excellent way to provide for QUALITY OF LIFE!

Eligibility Information: https://okstable.org/eligibility-info/

Benefits of an OK-STABLE account: https://okstable.org/benefits/

Definition of Qualified Expenses: https://okstable.org/qualified-expenses/

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