Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council

With great regret, the Consumer Involvement Fund and Professional Development Fund must be suspended until further notice. This action is necessary as the Council has not received final notification of its FFY 2013 allocation, and because we remain concerned about funding cuts to our program. This was a difficult decision for the Council to make – and we hope you will watch our website for more information. We will reinstate the funds at our first opportunity. Thank you.

Application and Information

The mission of the Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council is to promote quality services and programs which enable persons with developmental disabilities to fully realize their maximum potential through increased independence and productivity, as well as through integration and inclusion into the community.

What is the Consumer Involvement Fund?

The Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council annually sets aside funds to assist advocates in the field of developmental disabilities to participate in conferences and short-term educational programs.

The Council provides this support as a method of building community capacity in Oklahoma. It is the expectation of the Council that advocates accessing financial assistance will share information on Oklahoma initiatives as well as learn from their counterparts in other communities. This information exchange will help increase knowledge in Oklahoma, the end product being improved programs and services for persons with developmental disabilities in our state.

Who can apply to the Consumer Involvement Fund?

Eligibility is limited to:

If you need assistance in developing your request, or if you would like further information, please call us at (405) 521-4984 or, toll-free, 1-800-836-4470.


The Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council is an agency of the state of Oklahoma and therefore complies with travel policies and procedures established in law. The procedures below comply with law at the time of this brochure’s publication; however, the Council may necessarily change the procedures to comply with changes in state law. As an applicant, the Council assumes that you have read the following and agree to comply with all travel policies of the state of Oklahoma.

Complete applications to the Consumer Involvement Fund MUST be submitted no later than 10 weeks prior to dates of travel. Requests may be submitted by mail, hand-delivery, email or fax to the Council office. Incomplete applications will be returned with requests for additional information, and will be reconsidered only if the resubmitted paperwork is complete and still meets the 10 week timeline. Please plan accordingly and assure that all information necessary is included in your request.

The Council will fund no more than one request per individual or family every two years.

Requests must include:

Expense Category

Amount Requested of Council

Amount to be provided by traveler or third party













Per Diem



Local Transportation









For approved applicants, the Council will fund partial costs of all necessary expenses related to attending a conference or meeting. The Council requires that persons wishing to attend an event with Council support provide a minimum of 25 percent of costs from personal or third party funds, such as funds from other state agencies, private foundations, public and private service agencies, an employer, family, or community of faith. Funds used for non-necessary expenses such as optional recreational opportunities and banquets will not count toward the 25 percent personal investment.

The maximum request of the Council must not exceed $1000 for individuals, or $2000 per family. For a family to receive full funding, there must be a relevant reason for attendance such as a conference track on siblings, or a clinical or experiential opportunity with an expert in the field.

In consideration of the Council’s financial assistance, successful applicants will be required to:

Failure to adhere to these requirements will result in non-consideration of any subsequent requests to the Consumer Involvement Fund.

In addition to the general requirements listed above, there are some important travel policies and Council procedures with which you must abide:


Application Form

Please photocopy this blank form before completing, to use as a worksheet.

Name _____________________________________            Date _____________
Address __________________________________________________________
City _____________               County ______            State _____     ZIP ________
Phone _____________________        Social Security Number ________________
E-mail ____________________________________________________________

If more than one person from a single family, please list the names and social security numbers of additional travelers requesting support from the Council:




Check one        ____ I am a person with a disability
                        ____ I am an immediate family member or guardian of a person with a disability
                        ____ I am a graduate of Partners in Policymaking or the Youth Leadership Forum
                        ____ Other ___________________________

If person with disability or family member/guardian, age of person with disability ___

Title of program you are seeking funding to attend

Sponsor of program ___________________________________

Dates ________________      Location _____________________________

Have you ever attended this program before ___ Yes    ___ No
Have you applied to the Consumer Involvement Fund before ___ Yes   ___ No

If so, for what program ____________________________________
Date of that application _____________________
Did you receive funding from the Council           _____ Yes                   _____ No

Ethnic status (optional/check all that apply) ___ Hispanic ___ African-American
___ Asian-American ___ Native American ___ Caucasian ___ Other _________

Complete this form and send it with a cover letter, line item budget, and complete conference registration materials to:

Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council
Attn: Fara Taylor
P. O. Box 25352
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73125

Voice/TTY (405) 521-4984
Fax (405) 521-4910
Toll-free 1-800-836-4470
E-mail staff@okddc.ok.gov