Tips for Raising Kids with Disabilities with Zach Anner

Tips for Raising Kids with Disabilities with Zach Anner

Kristina Kuzmic and Zach Anner have been friends for about 10 years. Kristina and Zach are both YouTubers who come together to talk about tips to help raise your kids with disabilities. 

Zach Anner, who has Cerebal Palsy, is a writer on the ABC show called ‘Speechless.’ 

Here are Zach’s 4 tips.

1. Be okay with watching your kid struggle.

  • Zach gives and example about when his mom would let him put on his socks independently. At first, it took Zach 2 hours to put on sock. Now, it take him 5 minutes.
  • It is okay to let them fail and struggle.

2. Raise your kids to be thoughtful, considerate adults who are not always the center of attention. 

  • It reads codependency. 

3. Be careful about accidentally patronizing your kid.

  • Sometimes parents tend to give kids with disability credit they have not earned.
  • Finding ways your kid can contribute can help find self worth. 
  • Let your kids passion lead rather than the disability.

4. Treat your disabled teenager like a teenager.

  • If you would not barge into your able body childs room then do not barge into your child with a disability‘s room. 
  • Independence and privacy are important. 
  • You want to prepare your kids for the world.

To watch the video about Zach Anner and his 4 tips for raising kids with disabilities, click here.

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