#WorkoutWednesday Activities!

#WorkoutWednesday Activities!

1. Play soccer.

All you need is some open space and a ball. Designate whatever is available as goals, then kick the ball around.

Don’t worry about being terrible at the game – as long as you and your family are having fun, it really doesn’t matter how bad you are. 

2. Play ‘Calvinball.’

To play the wonderfully disorderly sport often portrayed in “Calvin and Hobbes,” all you need is a ball (or a few balls), some number of children, some open space, and a good imagination. Just kick the ball around (or throw it) and make up rules as you go along. With three or more kids, a game of Calvinball can go on for a good hour with everyone having a great time.

3. Start a workout routine.

Most basic exercises – push-ups, sit-ups, jogging, and so forth – require no extra equipment at all. Spend some time doing research into fitness and figuring out a basic workout routine that will work for you, then do the basic “stress tests” you’ll need to do to figure out where you’re at.

For example, the one hundred push-ups routine is very useful, but you need to couple it with other exercises, such as leg lifts, prone lifts, and jogging. You can also try a 10-minute cardio workout that gets progressively more intense, incorporating jumping jacks, push-ups, burpies, and other free exercises.

4. Play Frisbee at the park.

Get a family member (or a pet) and dig out that old Frisbee from your closet, then head out to an open field and toss it around. It’s a lot of fun, a great excuse to run around and stretch and jump, and it doesn’t cost a dime.

5. Go on a hike or a long walk.

Look up some local hiking or walking trails, and just take off. Let yourself get absorbed into nature and simply enjoy the journey. Go at your own speed – this is for your own personal enjoyment, after all.

6. Go on a bike ride.

If you’ve got a bicycle and a helmet in your garage or closet, you already have everything you need for some good exercise and some good fun. Head outside and bike away. Almost every town and every state park has an extensive array of bike trails, so you can almost always find somewhere new and interesting to ride. Plus it’ll help get you into shape really quickly.

Enjoy exercising and staying healthy!

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