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Consumer Involvement Fund

The Council annually sets aside funds to assist advocates in the field of developmental disabilities to participate in conferences and short-term educational programs. The Council provides this support as a method of building community capacity in Oklahoma. 

It is the expectation of the Council that advocates accessing financial assistance will share information on Oklahoma initiatives as well as learn from their counterparts in other communities. This information exchange will help increase knowledge in Oklahoma, the end product being improved programs and services for persons with developmental disabilities in our state.

Your commitment:

Upon returning, in consideration of the Council’s financial assistance through the Consumer Involvement Fund, successful applicants will be required to:

  1. Complete a short CIF survey related to the conference or event, provided by the Council. 
  2. Share copies of all informational materials gathered at the conference with the Council.
  3. Contact your federal and state legislators and offer to share information learned with them. Copies of these letters should also be sent to the Council. 
  4. Develop a brief fact sheet of information gathered at the conference and track and report (on forms provided by the Council) the people with whom you share this information for one year.
  5. As requested, write a written report or present an oral report to the Council.

Failure to adhere to these requirements will result in non-consideration of any subsequent requests to the Consumer Involvement Fund.