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Council Publications


Council Accomplishments Handout

This handout highlights some of the Council's past projects. It provides a chance for people to see some of what the Council has done quickly. 


Council Annual Report

The 2011 Council Annual Report contains information about Council programs, projects and community relations activities. 


Council Brochure


Council Executive Summary State Plan

Consistent with federal law, each program funded by the DD Act of 2000 engages in activities to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families and enhance participation in community life. The ODDC achieves its mission by developing a five year State Plan. 


Consumer Involvement Fund

The Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council annually sets aside funds to assist advocates in the field of developmental disabilities to participate in conferences and short-term educational programs. 


Impact of ODDC Programs on the Quality of Life for Beneficiaries

The Council began funding model demonstration projects more than 30 years ago. Oklahoma State University conducted an in-depth case study of a select group of former Council-funded projects, as a follow-up to a full longitudinal study of all previously-funded Council projects. This targeted secondary evaluation seeks to gain a data-rich understanding of the impact Council funding has had on the quality of life for beneficiaries served by these funded projects. 


Oral Health Care for Children with Special Needs

This guide was created for family members, caregivers and dental providers. It is a general information guide, but provides resources for additional and more detailed information. 


Partners in Policymaking

Partners in Policymaking is a eight-month training course in best practice, state-of-the-art information from national experts in the field of developmental disabilities. We provide books, suggestions and resources related to issues important to people with developmental disabilities, and role playing and direct experiences in influencing public policy at local, state and federal levels. It is designed for adults with disabilities, family members of persons with disabilities who need advocates, and allies and professionals working with people with disabilities. 


Tips for First Responders

Tips for First Responders is a set of cards the Council provides to police, fire and emergency medical personnel for use in their vehicles, with helpful information about how to recognize and respond appropriately to people with disabilities. 


Voting Brochure

This voting guide for Oklahomans with disabilities details how to register to vote, accessibility at the polling place, absentee voting procedures and other valuable information about the voting process. This guide also includes contact information for all County Election Boards to help with any specific questions in your area. 


Warning Tickets

This warning ticket was created as a means to help drivers recognize when they may be illegally parked in a space reserved for people with disabilities. It may be printed on your computer or you can contact the Council Office to have copies mailed to you. 


Watch Your Words

Watch Your Words is a brochure produced by the Council about the use of People First Language. This language puts the person before the disability. It describes what a person has, not who a person is. 


Youth Leadership Forum

The Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) is a unique program designed to provide leadership training to Oklahoma high school sophomores, juniors and seniors with disabilities. Delegates representing their communities come together at a five-day long event at a university campus to cultivate leadership skills, meet with government officials and explore career options. 

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