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Early Access


This project closely aligns with the ODDC Mission by creating systems change in the identification of and service provision of children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Through collaborations and partnerships this project will improve services and support systems for children at risk for autism and other developmental disabilities as well as their families. More early childhood providers will learn how to engage families in developmental monitoring and how to implement effective programs for children once they have been identified, thus building the capacity of their agencies and the communities they serve. The project is family‐centered and designed to promote inclusion for children with autism.

This project is community‐based, reflecting the Council's goal for Welcoming Communities. Early Access will continue to build and support the Community Screening Partner Network which helps local communities better meet the needs of individuals with autism and developmental disabilities and their families. Implementation of this project will provide additional awareness of ODDC and their work and resources to individuals and groups in Oklahoma thereby strengthening the ODDC’s goal for Outreach.


Early Access Success Story

The Early Access Program strives to raise awareness about the importance of early identification and early intervention by increasing the number of professionals who are able to use evidence-based tools to monitor and screen children. We have accomplished a network of screening partners by working with existing programs to promote developmental monitoring and screening.  We provide training for professionals, free autism screening for families and connection to resources.

A great example of how this works and how our method of capacity building has been successful is Early Access’ new partnership with OKC Indian clinic. We first participated as a vendor at their back to school health fairs (e.g., raising awareness). Next we were able to identify a champion within the organization that saw the benefit of developmental monitoring and screening at younger ages. They will be our newest screening partner learning to incorporate regular monitoring and screening into on-going child visits. Lastly, the OKC Indian clinic is building its capacity to provide high quality comprehensive developmental evaluations including autism by attending our autism evaluation training. This process has been replicated many times over with other agencies through our partnership with the DD Council.

Early Access stats:

On average 36-40  autism screening by Early Access team per year. This does not include the number of screenings conducted by our screening partners.

15 active screening partner agencies across the state.



For more information, contact:

Email Dr. Bonnie McBride
Oklahoma Early Access Autism Project
(405) 842-9995

You can also find them on Twitter and on Facebook.