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Oklahoma Self-Advocacy Network


The Oklahoma Self-Advocacy Network (OKSAN) project is a collaborative effort to strengthen the self-advocacy movement in Oklahoma and to equip self-advocates with skills in leadership and advocacy.

OKSAN Activities include:

  1. Building an infrastructure to assure the success and stability of OKSAN.
  2. Identifying new partners.
  3. Developing new strategies to reach out to other disability organizations.
  4. Researching how to get rid of the "R" Word in policy and statutes 
  5. Conduct Self-Advocacy Leadership Training (S.A.L.T.), levels one and two.
  6. Conduct Taking Control of Your Health trainings.
  7. Conduct Emergency Preparedness trainings. 

Partners include ODDC, Oklahoma People First, Oklahoma Disability Law Center, Center for Learning and Leadership, and TBI Raiders.

For more information about OKSAN, contact:

RoseAnn Percival
Center for Learning and Leadership
(405) 271-4500 x41038