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Partners in Policymaking

What could Partners mean to you?


What Is Partners In Policymaking?

Partners in Policymaking is designed for adults with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities who are too young to advocate for themselves, and advocates for persons with disabilities.

“There’s just so much you can learn in a short time; it’s like a crash course in parenting and advocacy all in one, and it really did change my life.” —  Traci, Partners graduate          

“Trust yourself as a parent; you owe that to yourself. Advocate for your child; you owe that to them."   Pattye, Partners graduate     

“Partners believed in me as an advocate for my children. They inspire when I get tired because I see I am not fighting alone.”      Adam, Partners graduate      

The diagnosis doesn’t matter. The age of your child doesn’t matter. How much education you have doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are ready and willing to change the world. Erin, Partners graduate


Our Goal: Systems Change

We educate participants to be active partners with those who make policy.

We foster development of positive relationships with policymakers.

We help you prevent the loss of basic rights for people with disabilities.

Our graduates advocate for supports and services to increase independence, productivity and inclusion into the community for people with disabilities.