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Council Partnerships

Oklahoma Self-Advocacy Network (OKSAN)

The Oklahoma Self-Advocacy Network project is a collaborative effort to strengthen the self-advocacy movement in Oklahoma and to equip self-advocates with skills in leadership and advocacy.

Learn about the network.

Supporting Families Community of Practicefive circles surrounding the shape of Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Community of Practice for Supporting Families collaborates on efforts to support families throughout the lifespan of their family member with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) through the National Community of Practice for Supporting Families principles. 

Read more about this Community of Practice for Supporting Families.



This collaboration between Sooner SUCCESS and the Council will expand the current respite options for families across Oklahoma. 

Learn more about this project. 


Autism Foundation of Oklahoma

This collaboration between the Autism Foundation of Oklahoma and the Council will develop a pilot program to empower Oklahoma employers in supporting workplace accommodations for employees with autism. 

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Dale Rogers Training Center 

Dale Rogers Training Center (DRTC) work towards supporting employees with integrated competive employment. 

Learn more about our work with DRTC.



Oklahoma Early Access Project

This project closely aligns with the DDCO mission by creating systems change in the identification of and service provision of children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Through collaborations and partnerships this project will improve services and support systems for children at risk for autism and other developmental disabilities as well as their families. More early childhood providers will learn how to engage families in developmental monitoring and how to implement effective programs for children once they have been identified, thus building the capacity of their agencies and the communities they serve. The project is family‐centered and designed to promote inclusion for children with autism.

Read more about the work Oklahoma Early Access is doing



Learn more about past Council projects.

Council Trainings

Partners in Policymaking 

PIP is an 8 weekend disability advocacy training for parents of children with a disability, adults with a disability, and professionals in the field of developmental disabilities or related field. The goal of Partners in Policymaking is to provide the skills needed to engage effectively with legislators, state and/or local policymakers, and others to advocate for change. 

Learn more about the program and how to apply.


Youth Leadership Forum 

YLF is a 5 day leadership training program for high school students with a disability. Participants work together to learn skills needed to advocate for themselves after high school is over. Participants stay on a college campus, discuss and practice leadership skills in collaborative games, meet legislators, and begin their leadership plan. 

Learn more about YLF and how to apply.


Family Employment Awareness Traininglogo. FEAT.  Family Employment Awareness Training.

The mission of Family Employment Awareness Trainings (FEAT) is to increase expectations for competitive employment and increase knowledge of local, state, and federal resources to support the employment of the youth/young adults who have disabilities. 

Read more about FEAT.


Person-Centered Thinking Trainingsilhouette group of people. person highlighted in yellow surrounded by five others

Person-Centered Thinking is a set of values, skills, and tools used in Person Centered Planning to personalize individual supports and services for a person. 

Read more about Person Centered Thinking.



Consumer Involvement Fundlogo.  reads Consumer Involvement Fund.

DDCO annually sets aside funds in a this fund to assist individuals, familes, and professionals in the field of developmental  disabilities to participate in conferences, workshops, trainings and short-term educational programs.  

Learn more about applying to our Consumer and Professional Involvement Fund

Other Trainings from DDCO

DDCO works to inform and educate individuals with disabilities, families, professionals in the disability field, advocacy groups, policymakers and the general public on various topics related to disability, free of charge.  Staff members can create and deliver customized trainings for organizations, schools, and other groups. Training topics created in the past include: respectful communication, legislative advocacy, disability awareness, social media safety.

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