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Three Buckets of Support

DDCO has organized resources using the "three buckets of support" from the Supporting Families of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities National Community of Practice.  We realize that families need more than goods and services. Sometimes families need information about a disability diagnosis or about a particular therapy or program. Sometimes, they need opportunities to connect with others who have been in their shoes. 

Buckets are described below.  Choose the bucket to view those resources.     

If you would rather speak to someone, don't hesitate to call us: (405) 521-4984.

Discovery and Navigation

Choose this bucket if looking for information and training, such as

  • Information on disability
  • Knowledge about best practices and values
  • Navigating and accessing services
  • Advocating for change

Connecting and Networking

Choose this bucket if looking for emotional supports, such as

  • Parent-to-Parent Support
  • Self-Advocacy Organizations
  • Family Organizations
  • Sib-shops
  • Non-disability community support

Goods and Services

Choose this bucket if looking for day-to-day supports, such as

  • Self / Family-directed services
  • Transportation
  • Respite and childcare
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Financial planning and supports
  • Short / Long term planning
  • Caregiver supports and training

Resources listed are informational only and in no way imply approval or endorsement by the Council.