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Sooner SUCCESS: Family Respite 

This collaboration between DDCO and Sooner SUCCESS will expand the current respite options available in Oklahoma for those identified as primary caregivers of children and adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD). The caregiver group will include parents, single individuals, and any others in the caregiver category. All caregivers supporting an individual with I/DD will be eligible, regardless of their current status in seeking support services for their care receiver. 

The created respite options will provide longer  opportunities in formats that will also offer social connection for both caregivers and self-advocates. 

This collaboration will help the Council achieve Goal 2, Objective 2 of its 5-Year State Plan: Oklahomans with developmental disabilities and their families will have increased access to resources, services and supports across the lifespan that will allow them to live their best lives. 


For more information about this collaboration, contact the Council’s Planning & Grants Management Director or Sooner SUCCESS: (405) 271-2710 or email [email protected]