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State Plan Committee

The State Plan Committee develops the draft State Plan and oversees the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of all of the activities listed in the plan.  The committee oversees the planning of new activities and recommends new contracts to the full Council, and reviews grantee activities and accomplishments.


State Plan Committee 2021 Schedule

Friday - February 5, 20212:00 pmTeleconference via Zoom
Friday - April 2, 20212:00 pmTeleconference via Zoom
Friday - June 25, 20211:00 pmTeleconference via Zoom

Friday - September 17, 2021

1:00 pmTeleconference via Zoom
Friday - December 10, 20211:00 pmTeleconference via Zoom


Will you be attending our next State Plan Committee meeting?

Please remember to RSVP Office Staff at (405) 215-1618.

Council Members, if you are in need of transportation assistance, please contact Office Staff at (405) 215-1618.