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Supports to Families Community of Practice

Families are the core unit in our society, serving as a source of support for all its members. Family members play key roles in identifying and securing opportunities for their family members to participate within their community in meaningful ways and ensuring access to self determined lives. 

In 2011, a group of national and state leaders in the disability field provided direction and guidance for a shift to focus on families. One recommendation was to develop and fund a National Supporting the Family Initiative, working on issues related to supporting families at both the national and state level, to inform practices and identify policies for advancing family supports. It also began build collaborations to support families across the lifespan. Through this work, a National Community of Practice was created and many states followed. Oklahoma was one of the first to join the National Community of Practice and saw benefit to create the Oklahoma Supports to Families Community of Practice.

Our State Team faciliators represent The Center for Learning and Leadership, Developmental Disabilities Services of the Department of Human Services, and the Council.  Oklahoma's community vision is "We envision a state where families and communities are equipped to keep people with disabilities supported, empowered and on a journey towards a good life." 

The State Team is committed to host quarterly Get Togethers to continue conversations releated to supporting families. We invite you to join us. Complete the form below or email us for information on the next Get Together.  Our Get Togethers will include conversations using Charting the LifeCourse (CtLC) framework. CtLC helps individuals and families of all abilities and all ages develop a vision for a good life, think about what they need to know and do, identify how to find or develop supports, and discover what it takes to live the lives they want to live. 

Visit or email [email protected] for more information about CtLC. 

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