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Weather Preparedness

Weather safety should be accessible to everyone. Welcome to our Weather Preparedness page where you can find supported weather safety materials for individuals with disabilities. Below you will find weather precaution tips that can help in complex situations. 

Below are disaster plan templates to help families when events occur provided by American Red Cross. These templates, available in both English and Spanish, Download the template in English or download the template in Spanish. These can help provide a plan of action, who all is involved in that plan, evacuation plan, emergency contacts, lists for family and pet names, and even a chart for member responsibilities in an event of a disaster. Not only are these templates helpful for your family but first responders on the scene. Click for more information on the Red Cross and to visit

Red Cross Family Disaster Plan Download - English

Red Cross Family Disaster Plan Download - Spanish


purple lightning bolt. Choose Energy.

Choose Energy provides educational guides, clear information, and easy-to-use tools. Their goal is to demystify the energy industry and connect others with great energy plans. See Choose Energy's resource regarding safety tips during tornadoes.

Learn more about Choose Energy and their educational guides and tools.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in partnership with the Advertising Council, has sponsored public service advertisements that educate and empower Americans to prepare for and respond to all kinds of emergencies.

To view and download all of the Ready Campaign's PSAs, visit Ad Council Web site.


Resources listed are informational only and in no way imply approval or endorsement by the Council.