The Developmental Disabilities Council of Oklahoma is a place for families and individuals to connect to information when learning about a disability.

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  • OKPOLICY.org Better Information, Better Policy

    ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT! APPLY NOW for OK Policy’s 7th annual Summer PolicyInstitute! With the application deadline quicklyapproaching, we invite you to share this information with any students you feelwould be interested in attending the program. Past participants have come fromdiverse fields of study including business, public administration, education,law, social work, psychology, political science, and health care.

  • ORCAM - Device for the Visually Impaired

    OrCam’s mission is to harness the power of artificial vision by incorporating pioneering technology into a wearable platform which improves the lives of individuals who are blind, visually impaired, and have reading difficulties.OrCam was jointly founded in 2010 by Prof. Amnon Shashua and Mr. Ziv Aviram, who are also the co-founders of Mobileye, the collision avoidance system leader and autonomous driving innovator.

  • Researching Ways to Assist Drivers with Autism

    University of Virginia Health System - virginia.eduSynopsis : Researchers use high-tech driving simulator and on-road driving to compare driving performance of novice drivers with autism with those of novice drivers without autism.The University of Virginia Health System is teaming up with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute to study novice drivers with autism to determine if they would benefit from specialized training to help them become better, safer drivers and feel more comfortable b...

  • Lego Braille Bricks

    The Lego Foundation, which is funded by the Lego Group, the Danish toy company that makes the blocks, announced a new project that will repurpose the usual knobs atop the bricks as Braille dots. And because the blocks will also be stamped with the corresponding written letter, number or punctuation symbol, they can be played with by blind and sighted children alike. The project, called Lego Braille Bricks, is in a pilot phase and is expected to be released in partnership with schools and associa...

  • Diversability

    Disability or Diversability?"The word "disabilities" is associated with the past and people's negative experiences with institutions. I am looking to change the word to "diversabilities" because these institutions are now closed and I want to focus instead on the abilities of people now and in the future. People with diversabilities do not want to be a burden to society, but instead want to be contributors and participants in society." - Shelley DecosteShelley D...

  • Autism Awareness Month Resources

    We’re gearing up for Autism Awareness Month and wanted to reach out for some help. As we all do our part to engage and educate others about our loved ones, we thought we’d pass along some additional Autism resourcesThey are a great way to increase understanding and acceptance.Studentswith AutismGuide to Helping Kidswith Autism Sleep BetterAutismResource CenterCreatingan Autism Friendly HomeAutism Support NetworkResourcesMoving with Kidswith Autism30Ways to Celebrate Autism Awareness MonthTraveli...

  • How the 2020 Census will invite everyone to respond!

  • Stay in touch with the Developmental Disabilities Council

    The Developmental Disabilities Council is in the updating its mailing and email lists. If you wish to assure we have your information, please send the following to Ann Trudgeon

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