Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council
First Quarterly Meeting
Friday, January 20, 2017, 1:00 P.M.
Allegiance Credit Union Service Center
4227 N Meridian Ave
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  1. Call to Order
    Mark Liotta, Chair
  2. Roll Call and Recognition of Quorum
    Rick Barcus, Council Staff and Mark Liotta, Chair
  3. Introduction of Council Members and Guests
    Mark Liotta, Chair
  4. Meeting Minutes of October 28, 2016 - Discussion and Possible Voting*
    Mark Liotta, Chair
  5. Council Training:
    1. WIOA (Workforce Incentives and Opportunities Act)
      Mark Kinnison
    2. ABLE Act
      Erin Taylor and Rick Barcus, Council Staff
  6. Committee Reports - Discussion and Possible Voting*
    1. Advocacy, Training and Outreach Committee
      John Corpolongo, Chair
    2. State Plan Committee
      Terry Trego, Chair
    3. Finance Committee
      Eric Dysart, Chair
    4. Nominating Committee
      Wanda Felty, Chair
  7. Reports of Council Member Designees to Outside Committees
    1. Advisory Committee on Services to Persons with Developmental Disabilities
      Robin Arter
    2. Group Homes Advisory Board
      Rejeana Wiebener
  8. Executive Committee Report - Discussion and Possible Voting*
    Mark Liotta, Chair
    1. Appointment of the Parliamentarian for 2017
    2. Appointment of Committee Chairs for 2017
  9. Discussion and Possible Voting on Pending Federal and State Issues, Legislation and Court Actions*
  10. Announcements
  11. Adjournment of Council Meeting

* Possible Action Items