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What Happens at YLF?

YLF is an intense educational and motivational schedule of events held annually on a university campus. Delegates, working in small groups, develop personal leadership plans and identify the resources necessary to achieve their goals. Social and recreational activities are included as part of the goal to teach students about leading a well-rounded life.

Guest speakers address topics such as disability rights laws, innovations in technology, and resources at all levels. Delegates meet interesting leaders and professionals in Oklahoma, and spend a day at the state capitol interacting with government officials.

The key to YLF is leadership by example. Adults with disabilities who have traveled the same path these students are facing serve as mentors and staff, and share information with each other. Volunteers, some with and some without disabilities, help to make the program a success.

After YLF, alumni take with them an obligation to follow through with the goals outlined in personal leadership plans they have written. Follow-up activities such as advocacy training can also be established to continue networking activities. YLF alumni are encouraged to return as volunteers and staff after their high school years.



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